Trump 2020 Merch

I have been listening to Alex Jones pretty much since the beginning. I am extremely concerned about the apathy that the world is displaying in regards to the takeover of our freedoms by the globalists and their leftist minions. Alex hasn’t taken a breath for over 20 years, warning everyone — yet I see so few people truly joining the resistance. He has reached millions of people, yet there are so few creating their own efforts. This is something Alex harps on. He says: Get out and create your own thing!

Recently Alex said something on is broadcast: He said that a lot of people are living vicariously through Infowars. They tune in, listen — and that’s where it stops. Alex emphatically insisted that people stop listening and start acting — and he’s right!

The entire populace of the earth is in dire trouble. The evil that is breathing down our necks knows no bounds. It has been said many times that all ail evil needs to prevail is for good people to do nothing. There are a LOT of good people doing nothing.

I am just a regular guy, living in Australia. I have a full time job. I have 2 jobs actually. I work on my websites in my spare time. I listen to Alex while I am at work. This website is my effort to try to help people to understand what’s going on in the world. Basically, I am an ally to Alex Jones and the spirit that drives him — and I believe that spirit is the spirit of God.

I created this website “Alex Jones Videos” for a couple of reasons.

1). YouTube have removed every video of Alex saying anything intelligent — and if you go do a search you’ll find nothing but mockery and beratement of Alex Jones. This seriously angers me! I want to spread all the GOOD and INTELLIGENT things Alex Jones says EVERY single broadcast. I want to fight the lies. I want to help destroy the STRAW-MAN “Alex” that the globalists minions have created. I am also excited about the startup of Brighton by Mike Adams. So I am promoting Brighteon videos from this website.

2). We need to create gathering points and disseminate information away from big tech platforms. I hope to create a large audience here — so that no matter how much Alex is silenced, there’s one more website able to broadcast pertinent, crucial or breaking news.

All in all, I am simply an ally of truth, an ally of freedom and I want to encourage as many people as I can to “Join the Resistance”. This is my effort.

Leonard Wass,