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The globalists and their leftist minions do not want anyone listening to Alex Jones, because he is exposing their diabolical plans. So they’re attacking him and his operation from every angle imaginable. FreedomWorkshop stands with Alex Jones and will work to help make sure you see his videos.

Join FreedomWorkshop to participate in our Alex Jones Videos group, as well as the forums. It is important for us to create hangouts that are not controlled by big tech giants.

Alex Jones Videos

Infowars – Latest videos from the Official Infowars Network on Brighteon. You’ll find full shows, as well as short segments outlining important information, hot topics or breaking news.

FreedomWorkshop Recommends Brighteon

We need to get off the big tech Internet ghettos. FreedomWorkshop syndicates videos posted to Brighteon; a privately run alternative to YouTube, created by Mike Adams.