Latest Alex Jones Videos & Resources

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Since Alex Jones was banned from the big social networks, some people are not sure where to go to watch his videos. Alex Jones Videos has been set up to direct people to ever-growing alternative media platforms where Alex Jones is still thriving.

The globalists and their leftist minions do not want anyone listening to Alex Jones, because he is exposing their diabolical plans. So they’re attacking him and his operation from every angle imaginable. FreedomWorkshop stands with Alex Jones and will work to help make sure you see his videos. It is important for us to create hangouts that are not controlled by big tech giants. Please visit out Alex Jones Videos Minds group.

Alex Jones Videos on Brighteon

Alex Jones videos used to be available and super popular on YouTube. However, since his channel was deleted, the new place to go is Infowars on Brighteon. You’ll find full shows, as well as short segments outlining important information, hot topics or breaking news.

Alex Jones Videos on YouTube

There are a few channels on YouTube that are uploading Alex Jones videos, but they keep getting deleted. Nevertheless, as long as there are any active YouTube channels uploading Alex Jones Videos, they will be promoted on Alex Jones Videos.

Millie Weaver who is an absolute champion is still posting videos on YouTube and they are being syndicated on PromoterHost. Paul Joseph Watson is also doing a stellar job.

Alex Jones Videos on Facebook

Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook. However, Millie Weave is doing a fantastic job for the Infowar.